Year 2019
  1. "GHz nanomechanical resonator in an ultraclean suspended graphene p–n junction"
    M. Jung, P. Rickhaus, S. Zihlmann, A. Eichler, P. Makka, and C. Schönenberger
    Nanoscale 11, 4355 (2019). -Solely contributed from Dr. Minkyung Jung

  2. Year 2018
  3. "Surface reconstruction and charge modulation in BaFe2As2 superconducting film"
    S. Kim, S. Yi, M. Oh, B. G. Jang, W. Nam, Y.-C. Yoo, M. Lee, H. Jeon, I. Zoh, H. Lee, C. Zhang, K. H. Kim, J. Seo, J. H. Shim, J. Chae and Y. Kuk
    J. Phy.:Condens. Matter 30, 315001 (2018).

  4. "Quantum Dots Formed in Three-dimensional Dirac Semimetal Cd3As2 Nanowires"
    M. Jung, K. Yoshida, K. Park, X.-X. Zhang, C. Yesilyurt, Z. B. Siu, M. B. A. Jalil, J. Park, J. Park, N. Nagaosa, J. Seo, and K. Hirakawa
    Nano Lett. 18, 1863 (2018). -Joint work with Dr. Minkyung Jung

  5. Year 2017
  6. "Observation of enhanced superconductivity in the vicinity of Ar-induced nano-cavities in Pb(111)"
    Sang Yong Song and Jungpil Seo
    Sci. Rep. 7, 12177 (2017).

  7. "Measuring a Quantum Dot with an Impedance-Matching On-Chip Superconducting LC Resonator at Gigahertz Frequencies "
    M. -C. Harabula, T. Hasler, G. Fülöp, M. Jung, V. Ranjan, and C. Schönenberger
    Phys. Rev. Appl. 8, 54006 (2017). -Solely contributed from Dr. Minkyung Jung

  8. "Probing Franck-Condon-like Excitations in Anchoring of Phthalocyanine Molecules on Au(111)"
    Yong Chan Jeong, Sang Yong Song, Hyo Won Kim, Hyung-Joon Shin, Joongoo Kang and Jungpil Seo
    J. Phys. Chem. C 121, 17402 (2017).

  9. "Thickness-dependent Dirac dispersions of few-layer topological insulators supported by metal substrate"
    Jeong Heum Jeon, Howon Kim, Won-Jun Jang, Jungpil Seo, and Se-Jong Kahng
    Nanotechnology 28, 215207 (2017).

  10. Year 2016
  11. "Microwave photodetection in an ultraclean suspended bilayer graphene pn junction"
    M. Jung, P. Rickhaus, S. Zihlmann, P. Makk and C. Schönenberger
    Nano Lett. 16, 6988 (2016). -Solely contributed from Dr. Minkyung Jung

  12. "Local Modification of Intermolecular Interactions at a Sub-Molecular Level"
    Sang Yong Song, Yong Chan Jeong, Youngjae Kim, Joongoo Kang, and Jungpil Seo
    Nanotechnology 27, 415711 (2016).

  13. "Growth of Niobium on the Three-Dimensional Topological Insulator Bi2Te1.95Se1.05"
    Philipp Meixner, Seong Joon Lim, Joonbum Park, Jun Sung Kim, Saskia F. Fischer, Jungpil Seo, and Young Kuk
    Appl. Surf. Sci. 15, 185 (2016).

  14. Year 2015
  15. "Conductive, flexible transparent electrodes based on mechanically rubbed nonconductive polymer containing silver nanowires"
    Soon Moon Jeong, Jung-Hye Kim, Seongkyu Song, Jungpil Seo, Jung-Il Hong, Na Young Ha, Hideo Takezoe, Jaewook Jeong, and Hyunmin Kim
    RSC adv. 5, 51086 (2015).
  16. "Tip-Induced Molecule Anchoring in Ni-Phthalocyanine on Au(111) Substrate"
    Yong Chan Jeong, Sang Yong Song, Youngjae Kim, Youngtek Oh, Joongoo Kang, and Jungpil Seo
    J. Phys. Chem. C 119, 27721 (2015).

  17. "Visualization of the Inverse Layer-Plus-Island Growth in Fe Islands on W(110) Substrate"
    Jungpil Seo, Tae-Hwan Kim, and Young Kuk
    Curr. Appl. Phys. 15, 1042 (2015).

  18. Before Joining DGIST
  19. "Observation of Majorana Fermions in Ferromagnetic Atomic Chains on a Superconductor"
    S. Nadj-Perge, I. K. Drozdov, J. Li, H. Chen, S. Jeon, Jungpil Seo, A. H. MacDonald, B. A. Bernevig, and A. Yazdani
    Science 346, 602 (2014).

  20. "Design and performance of an ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscope operating at dilution refrigerator temperatures and high magnetic fields"
    S. Misra, B.B. Zhou, I. Drozdov, Jungpil Seo, L. Urban, A. Gyenis, S. C. J. Kingsley, H. Jones, and A. Yazdani
    Rev. Sci. Instruments 84, 103903 (2013).

  21. "Quasiparticle interference on the surface of topological crystalline insulator Pb(1-x)Sn(x)Se"
    A. Gyenis, I. Drozdov, S. Nadj-Perge, O. B. Jeong, Jungpil Seo, I. Pletikosic, T. Valla, G. D. Gu, and A. Yazdani
    Phys. Rev. B 88, 125414 (2013).

  22. "Defect and high bulk resistivities in the Bi-rich tetradymite topological insulator Bi2+xTe2-xSe"
    Shuang Jia, Haim Beidenkopf, Ilya Drozdov, M. K. Fuccillo, Jungpil Seo, Jun Xiong, N. P. Ong, Ali Yazdani, and R. J. Cava
    Phys. Rev. B 86, 165119 (2012).

  23. "Strain Relaxation Induced Spin Reorientation in Fe Films on W(110)"
    Jungpil Seo, Y. Oh, T.-H. Kim, and Young Kuk
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 182501 (2011).

  24. "Spatial Fluctuations of Helical Dirac Fermions on the Surface of Topological Insulators"
    Haim Beidenkopf, Pedram Roushan, Jungpil Seo, Lindsay Gorman, Ilya Drozdov, Yew San Hor, R. J. Cava, and Ali Yazdani
    Nature. Phys. 7, 939 (2011).

  25. "Transmission of Topological Surface States through Surface Barriers"
    Jungpil Seo, Pedram Roushan, Haim Beidenkopf, Y. S. Hor, R. J. Cava, and Ali Yazdani
    Nature 466, 343 (2010).

  26. "Development of Ferromagnetism in the Doped Topological Insulator Bi2-xMnxTe3"
    Y. S. Hor, P. Roushan, H. Beidenkopf, J. Seo, D. Qu, J. G. Chechelsky, L. A. Wray, Y. Xia, S.-Y. Xu, D. Qian, M. Z. Hasan, N. P. Ong, A. Yazdani, and R. J. Cava
    Physical Review B 81, 195203 (2010).

  27. "Superconductivity in CuxBi2Se3 and its Implications for Pairing in the Undoped Topological Insulator"
    Y. S. Hor, A. J. Williams, J. G. Checkelsky, P. Roushan, J. Seo, Q. Xu, H. W. Zandbergen, A. Yazdani, N. P. Ong, and R. J. Cava
    Physical Review Lett. 104, 057001 (2010).

  28. "Topological Surface States Protected from Backscattering by Chiral Spin Texture"
    Pedram Roushan, Jungpil Seo, Colin V. Parker, Y. S. Hor, D. Hsieh, Dong Qian, Anthony Richardella, M. Z. Hasan, R. J. Cava, and Ali Yazdani
    Nature 460, 1106 (2009).

  29. "Tuning Magnetostatic Interaction in Single-crystalline Nanodot Arrays with In-plane Easy Axes"
    Jungpil Seo, Tae-Hwan Kim, S.-H. Chung, Youngtek Oh, J. H. Choi, and Young Kuk
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 96, 073106 (2010).

  30. "Geometric and Electronic Structure of Passive CuN Monolayer on Cu(111): A Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy Study"
    Hongwoo Baek, Sangjun Jeon, Jungpil Seo, and Young Kuk
    J. Korean Phys. Soc. 56, 620 (2010).

  31. "Mapping Subsurface Structure through Atomically Thin Bismuth Films on Si(111) (7x7) with Scanning Tunneling Microscope"
    Youngtek Oh, Jungpil Seo, H. Suh, J. S. Seo, S.-J. Kahng, and Y. Kuk
    Surf. Sci. 602, 3352 (2008).

  32. "Strain-relieving Ridge Structure in a Wetting Layer on the W(110) Surface"
    Tae-Hwan Kim, Jungpil Seo, Jae Hyuk Choi, Byoung-Young Choi, Young Jae Song, Young Kuk, and Se-jong Kahng
    Surf. Sci. 595, 30 (2005).

  33. "Atomic-level Strain-relieving Mechanism and Local Electronic Structure of a Wetting Film"
    Tae-Hwan Kim, Jungpil Seo, Jae Hyuk Choi, Byoung-Young Choi, Young Jae Song, Young Kuk, and Se-jong Kahng
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 87, 123112 (2005).

  34. "In-situ Fabrication of Signle-crystal Iron Nano-magnet Arrays"
    Jae Hyuk Choi, Tae-Hwan Kim, Jungpil Seo, Y. Kuk and Moon Suk Suh
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 85, 3235 (2004).

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