Quantum Electronics

Click here see the full publication list of Dr. Jung who is our primary collaborator in quantum transport field.

We are aiming to explore fundamental electrical properties in quantum nanostructures. One of our focuses is ballistic one-dimensional systems (such as InAs nanowires (NWs), topological insulator (TI) NWs and carbon nanotube), which is at the heart of the ground breaking experiments such as Majorana bound states and spin qubits. We are successfully growing InAs and other semiconducting NWs using metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD).

We are fabricating nanowire devices using bottom-up assembly. These devices allow us manipulating single electron and spin in quantum dots with high frequency techniques. In addition, high frequency measurement techniques enable shot noise measurements in quantum dots, which is proposed as an efficient tool to probe entanglement states in solid state devices.



We also study novel physics and applications of various 2D materials. For example, we first demonstrated microwave detection with a suspended graphene pn junction.


Minkyung Jung (DGIST, Senior Researcher)
Nano and Energy Research Division
Email: minkyung.jung-at-dgist.ac.kr

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