UGRP with Prof. Keeseong Park
(Undergraduate Group Research Program)


Keeseong Park
Associate Professor
Emerging Materials Science, DGIST

Research Field:
Superconductor and Magnetic Materials
Single and Poly Crystal Compound Synthesis
Measurement of Material Properties in Low Temperature
Average and Local Atomic Structure Analysis with X-RAY and Neutron Scattering

UGRP Members
●UGRP 2016 (Synthesis of Quantum Materials and Their Physical Properties):
Hyukjin Kwon, Supil Kim, Sehoon Park, Eun-Chong Baek, Keehyun Yang, Keeseong Park (School of Undergraduate Studies), Jungpil Seo (EMS)
●UGRP 2018 (Single Crystal Growth using Flux-Method):
Jaemun Park, Beopgil Cho, Jungsik Kang, Wooyong Kim, Keeseong Park (School of Undergraduate Studies), Min Seok Kim, Jungpil Seo (EMS)

●Growth of YBCO and Observation of Meissner Effect (by Team UGRP 2016)

●Growth of Fe5Sn3 Single Crystal (by Team UGRP 2018)

●Growth of Fe3Sn2 Single Crystal (by Team UGRP 2018)

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